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Testing Best Practices in Salesforce

When migrating your apex code from a Sandbox to a Production environment, the Force.com platform mandates you to ensure that your code  passes minimum 75% code coverage requirement while unit testing. This has been a best practice in the coding world for quite a long time for obvious reasons. Salesforce has made it a compulsion […]

Very basic understanding of SSL

The purpose of this post is to give a very high level non-technical overview of the transactions that happen when using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. More details of the actual messages and its contents could be found on the internet in abundance. Whenever I have tried to search for a simple explanation about SSL, […]


List views in Salesforce

Have you ever wanted a simple list of records for a marketing or a pre-sales activity without wanting to generate a report? Well List Views is your answer. List Views allow you to create criteria based lists of records, much like stored queries. The best thing about the List Views is that they are persistent, […]

How to Web Check-in

Most of the Popular airlines provide a web check-in facility. As mentioned in my earlier post Web Check-in saved my day… , Web check-in saves you lots of trouble. In this post I intend to give some general directions of how to go about doing a web check-in.

How to create a blog website

Well the title of this post does not exactly reflect what I am about to write. It should have rather read “How I created this Blog website” but the prior one is a more search friendly term. I am writing this post as a response to some frequently asked questions on my other posts regarding […]


External objects in Salseforce

Salesforce.com allows you to access data stored in your external data sources within your organization. Previously this was possible by writing your own adapters in Apex that used web services to access that data. This method of accessing the external data within your organization is still valid and is widely used by customers who wish […]

Difference between Pointers and References

Pointers provide us with a benefit of avoiding duplication of data. For example if you have a structure (or Class) which you have instantiated in memory in one of your methods, and then you are trying to pass that instance to another method, then passing by value would create a copy of that instance in […]

Book Review: The Shiva Triology by Amish

Let me begin this review by congratulating Amish on the fabulous success that his three titles, namely The Immortals of Meluha, The Secrets of The Nagas and The Oath of The Vayuputras have achieved. He is no doubt one of the best story tellers of our age. The three books present us with the life of the main protagonist, Siva, […]

My review of Xiaomi MI4.

This is an unorthodox review of the MI4. I mean you will find a lot of reviews good and bad about the phone, its technicalities and features. This is my personal review of the phone after using it for a day. First off, the MI4 is larger than it looks in the picture on the […]