How to Web Check-in

Most of the Popular airlines provide a web check-in facility. As mentioned in my earlier post Web Check-in saved my day… , Web check-in saves you lots of trouble. In this post I intend to give some general directions of how to go about doing a web check-in.

Find the URL for the Web Check-in

Web check-in is an online activity and hence requires a PC, internet connection and a URL for the airline specific web check-in site. This URL could be found on the itinerary provided to you when you book your tickets with the airlines. If not then you should simply google it. Here is an example.


Enter details of your travel

Once on the site, there would be a form that would ask you for your booking reference number/ e-ticket number and some part of your name or email.

Part of the itinerary:


Part of the Web Check-in form:


If after entering the details an error message tells you that the web check-in could not be done at this time, don’t panic, its probably because you are not in the valid time period for web check-in. Most airlines allow you to do a web check-in from 48hrs up until one hour before the departure, but this may vary from airline to airline.

Enter the identity details.

This may be optional in some airlines typically for domestic travels, but for international travels it might be necessary for you to provide the number of the identity document you are going to travel with, typically passport. This document might also be cross checked at the airline counter when you collect your boarding passes.

Select your seat.

This is the second biggest advantage of web check-in. You can select a seat convenient for you from available seats. So if you want more choice, start your web check-in process as early as possible. Of course the airline does state that they reserve the right to assign you another seat under certain circumstances, but I have never seen them do that actually.

Confirm and Print boarding pass.

Once you have selected your seat you might also get options to buy pre-ordered meal in some airlines. You have to confirm and exit. After exiting, some airlines do give you an additional option to print your boarding passes ( typically true for domestic travel). You could use that as a valid boarding pass to embark the aircraft and need not go to the airline counter at the airport unless you have to check-in some luggage.

Hope that this helps you use the web check-in facility if you have been avoiding it so far as you thought it was complex. Happy reading!

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