List views in Salesforce

Have you ever wanted a simple list of records for a marketing or a pre-sales activity without wanting to generate a report? Well List Views is your answer. List Views allow you to create criteria based lists of records, much like stored queries. The best thing about the List Views is that they are persistent, meaning, you can run the same list view without having to recreate it, and every time you run it, the List View will produce results based on changes to the database, like, new records being added, records being modified or deleted.

Creating the List View: Creating a List View is quite easy. Below are the steps to create a list view for Large Customer Accounts ( Accounts where type is customer, annual revenue is greater than $8000000).

Step 1:

Click on the Account Tab (You would normally click on the tab of the object you want to create the List View for). Click on the Create New View link at the top.

Step 2:

Give an appropriate name and fill in the details as show in the diagram.

Step 3:

Provide the Criteria to limit the number of records as per your requirement. You have to select whether you want the records that you own or all the records in the system to be considered when creating the list. Also mention the desired field filter criteria. You can have up to 10 field filters.Refer the diagram below.


You can also change the filter criteria logic, as you can see in the above diagram the criteria logic is AND by default but you may change it to OR by clicking Add Filter Logic… link.

We are going to continue with the AND logic for the current example.


Step 4:

Select the columns you want to display in the list. You may choose up to 15 fields.

You may also reorder the columns as per your requirement.

Step 5:

Choose who should be able to use the List View. You may keep it private to yourself of may choose to make it public to the entire organization or share it with only a certain group of users.


Step 6:

Save the definition. You would be promptly taken to the newly created list. If you wish to edit the definition you may edit it anytime by clicking the Edit link beside the List View name. See the first diagram.

Who can create the List View? Anybody with the following permissions:


If you are not the administrator and wish to have these permissions, kindly contact your Salesforce Administrator for the same.

Other Benefits: List Views are printable. The administrator need to enable this UI Setting. Once enabled you can print up to 1000 records at a time. Yes, that’s the limit so better define a complex criteria that produces less than 1000 records. You can also mass edit multiple records in a list view provided those UI Settings have been enabled by the administrator.

You cannot export the List of records though, say in excel format, for that you would still have to generate reports. But if PDF is acceptable, then a simple hack is to click on print and save it as PDF. Enjoy!

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